Table Runner 2

Dawn Johnson

SKU: TR02-1


Due to their low stitch count these designs are ideal to use when creating a table runner. They are the same designs as those found in the Aussie Floral Sketches design set. However, with this set we have taken the guesswork out of combining the designs by doing it for you.

 Of course you are not just limited to embroidering table runners as these combined designs are perfect to use for other home décor projects and for embellishing clothing. And, if you need smaller designs to off-set large home décor items, take a look at the Aussie Floral Sketches design set.

 PDF templates to assist with layout plus a PDF information file are included.

 When stitching these designs we do recommend using the colours as suggested in the included PDF file. 

Hoop size:  5 X 7 inch  (130 X 180 mm) 

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