Can I resize the designs I purchase?

Designs can be resized by about 10 % without any problem, but more than this can cause some problems in the design stitch-out. There may be a build-up of stitches that will cause thread breaks, or there may be some areas not covered properly by stitches. There is software available that can resize a design by 20% or more but some programs are better than others in this. Designs with precise guidelines such as ‘In the Hoop’, 'Free-standing Lace', and ‘Applique’ designs are not suitable to resize.  If you do resize a design, stitch out a sample before stitching on a precious garment or item.


How can I use the designs I purchase?

When you purchase designs from Dawn Johnson Designs, you are purchasing the right to use the designs on items you sell, make as gifts, or for personal use.  You may not sell, trade, share, give away, modify the design, or to combine it into other designs and then claim them as your own. All designs remain the sole property of Dawn Johnson Designs.


How I do I create a new account?

Click on ‘Account' on the top 'Menu' of the ‘Home’ page, click on 'Create Account'  and fill in the form supplied. The information you supply will be used to send you information on promotions and new products, and will not be shared or sold to any other entities. 


How I do I 'Log In' as a returning customer? 

Don’t open a new account. Click on ‘Log-in’ on the top right of the ‘Home’ page and fill in the form supplied with your Email address and Password. If you have forgotten your password, click on 'Forgot your password?' and you will sent information to create a new one.


How does the currency Icon work?

The currency icon is for you to check the approximate price of a design in your currency.   It is for information only.  The value in your currency will be approximate only as the accurate value fluctuates daily. Your order will be processed in Australian Dollars and will be converted to your currency according to your payment method.


What machine formats do you offer? 

We offer the most popular formats which include DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3 and XXX with most products. Some large designs are not available in all formats. Select your required format at checkout.


How I do I use Discount Coupons?   

You need to be logged into your account before the coupon value will deduct from the total order at checkout. If you are a new customer you will need to create your account and password first, or if you already have an account just click on ‘Log in’.  At the checkout fill in the name of your coupon exactly as it is shown in the box that says “ENTER COUPON”. The value of the coupon will deducted from the total order.


Does a record of my previous purchases remain in my account?

Yes. You can access a record of all previous purchases by logging into your account. If you need  to download a design you have purchased again, contact us and we will resend the 'download' email.


What do I do if I don’t get the ‘confirmation  of  order’ Email?   

If you don't receive the ‘confirmation of order’ email promptly after ordering, please check your email spam folder.  If the email is in your spam folder, right click the email and add our email address to your allow list.
If you can’t find the ‘confirmation of order’ email in spam you can contact us and we will resend the email. 


Are instructions included with all design files?

No. A PDF detailing the sewing information is included with all designs, but detailed Instructions are only included with complex projects, applique, and In-the-Hoop designs.  The instructions are provided as a PDF file. You will need to open the PDF on a computer with Adobe PDF Reader. If you don’t have this program it is available as a free download from the internet.

 What is your Refund Policy?

Due to the electronic nature of embroidery designs, we can-not offer refunds.  Sometimes files can be corrupted during the download process.  If you experience any problems with files you have downloaded, log in the website and download the design again.  If you still have problems, 'Contact Us' and explain the problem.  

  IMPORTANT - it is buyer's responsibility to determine if your embroidery machine has a suitable hoop for the selected design.  Hoop sizes are listed with each design so be sure you check the size before you purchase the design.   

Single Small Designs