Aussie State Floral Emblem Placemats

Dawn Johnson



A lovely set of placements embellished by small and large corner designs with the Australian State name (text design files are included) stitched between two sprigs of wattle at the base.

Printable templates are included, together with instructions and design colour information in PDF format. When stitching these designs we do recommend using the colours as suggested in the included PDF file. You have the option to follow along with the included instructions and create lovely place mats or have fun creating your very own unique projects.

This set includes 26 designs (2 x wattle, 8 small and 8 large State flower designs plus 8 text)

- 14 suitable for 100 mm x 100 mm or larger sewing fields and

- 12 suitable for 130 mm x 180 mm or larger sewing fields.

Single Small Designs