While I am still utilising the services of other websites who have assisted me in selling my product in the past, I plan on promoting my own designs throughout the embroidery community and I am looking for help from retailers.

To do this I am offering the opportunity for Retailers to become an Agent and promote my designs. I am seeking the assistance of sewing centres who have active groups of embroiders. Many new embroiders (and sometimes even us oldies) benefit from the help of a workshop environment for many of our complex designs. I am aiming to inspire the present embroidery community to enlist more participants. This will help us all, as participants will find they will look to upgrade their embroidery machine to utilise larger hoops.

I will supply a design free in the required format to enable you to stitch a sample to aid in promoting the workshop. I will then provide the designs to the workshop participants at a discounted price using the 'Discount Code' I will provide to you to pass on to the participants as they register.

Please contact me for further details or join my list of Retail Agents by completing the form below.

Single Small Designs